How It Started

I have been in love with watches and everything mechanical since I was young. The mechanical precision, beautiful design and exquisite craftsmanship engrossed my attention. I occupied my teenage years tinkering with old flea market watches. Soon I became competent enough to restore and resell vintage watches. Throughout my endeavours, I slowly watched the market for vintage watches explode in popularity and cost. The watches that I once dreamed of slowly moved further out of reach. It became clear that if I wanted to own and enjoy beautiful timepieces, I would have to create them myself. Branch Horology was born.

How We Do It

My first creation, The Sector, was designed from the ground up to pay homage to vintage military watches of the 1930s through the 1950s. To create The Sector, all components besides the movement had to be individually designed and custom-made. Nothing short of this would do. Once acquired, all the components are assembled, then mated with the robust SW210-1 movement and cased up in Ontario, Canada.  

Our Future

My goal for the future is simple. To be able to offer a selection of well-made, vintage-inspired timepieces at an attainable price point. It is my dream to be able to produce more components in-house over time so that I will have the greatest artistic freedom and independence. My goal for the company is to be able to offer a robust line of vintage-inspired watches of varied designs and complications. By purchasing one of our watches, you can take part in this journey.